Choke Tubes

Choke tube is a device that is inserted into the barrel of a shotgun to alter the spread of the shot. Choke tubes can change the shot's pattern to make it more effective for different purposes.

There are two types of choke tubes: internal and external. Internal choke tubes are permanently attached to the barrel of the shotgun, while external choke tubes can be removed and replaced as needed.

The most common type of internal choke tube is the screw-in choke tube. Screw-in choke tubes are available in various sizes and thread patterns to fit the most popular shotguns. External choke tubes are also available in a variety of sizes, but they typically have a universal thread pattern that will fit most shotguns.

Shotgun Choke

Choke tubes are made from a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, and plastic. The material that a choke tube is made from will determine its durability and how it affects the pattern of the shot.

  • Steel choke tubes are the most durable option, but they can rust if not properly maintained
  • Aluminum choke tubes are lightweight and resistant to rust, but they may not be as durable as steel choke tubes
  • Plastic choke tubes are the lightest weight option, but they are also the least durable

Choke tubes are available in a variety of constrictions, from cylinder (no constriction) to extra-full (maximum constriction). The amount of constriction will determine how tight the shot pattern is. A tighter shot pattern is useful for hunting game that is far away, while a looser shot pattern is better for close-range shooting.

Most shotgun barrels will have markings that indicate what size and type of choke tube is required. It is essential to use the correct size and type of choke tube for your shotgun to avoid damaging the barrel.

Shotgun Choke

Choke tubes can be used to improve the accuracy of your shotgun. A tighter shot pattern will offer more consistent results, while a looser shot pattern can help you hit moving targets.

Choke tubes can also be used to change the way the gun feels in your hands. A lighter-weight choke tube can make the gun feel lighter and easier to handle, while a heavier choke tube can make the gun feel more stable.

If you are unsure of what size or type of choke tube is right for your shotgun, consult a gunsmith or the manufacturer of your shotgun.

Choke Tube FAQ